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Corporate / business

Bicycle as a benefit for your employees.

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    We will choose with you
    suitable wheels

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    With our
    tax advisor, we will set up
    the entire regime

Fleet to a company or rental company

Ideal if you need to build a fleet and are interested in comprehensive servicing.

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    We finance bikes
    including chargers
    and   stands

Advantages of operating leases

Advantages of operating leases

You can just enjoy the ride

and leave other worries to the owner / leasing company

Swap an old bike for a new one

a new model becomes available every 24 months

Termination of lease and purchase

you can buy the paid off bike and keep it

Guaranteed instalment amounts

a fixed monthly sum means no surprising unplanned expenses

No investment in advance

no down payments and no capital ties

Quick help with your choice

Instalments always contain

A warranty

All bikes come with a 2-year guarantee. This also applies for businesses.


Covers theft, damage and vandalism. Excess 10% / minimum CZK 1,000

Headquarters & Showroom

Showroom with e-bikes
and accessories.

Part of our headquarters is also an e-bike shop, service and presentation of accessories such as stands, chargers, GPS modules and software.

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Evropská 125
261 01 Příbram
Czech Republic
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Where do you buy operational leasing bikes?

Take advantage of our partner’s collection points

We have prepared a clear map with places where you can buy and pick up your new bike for operational leasing.

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Do you need more?

We can also provide your fleet with:

Bike brackets
and stands
and stations
book rides
Bike winter